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Item #
maple knife
Right handed

Left handed

cherry bread knife
Right handed

Left handed
walnut knife Walnut Right handed #401R $32.95

Walnut Left handed #401L $32.95
padouk knife Padouk Right handed #501R $32.95
Padouk Left handed #501L $32.95
cutting board
Made with a sample each of the woods.
"Board only. Does not include the knife."
Deluxe Wooden Cutting Board 5-½" W x 16" L x 3/4" D #901 $32.95
Veggie Knife Ultimate Large Kitchen Knife

aprox. 7 1/2"L X
1" W


#810 $28.00
Veggie Knife Ultimate Small Kitchen Knife
Aprox 5 12/" L X 3/4" W #820 $25.00
Bread Knive Gift Wrap



  #GW $7.00

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Better Bread Knives
P O Box 2823
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Return Policy: Products may be returned within 30 days of purchase, if undamaged, for refund of product cost.

Discounts: 10% discount for orders of 2 or more items. Please phone:
360-370-5313 in order to receive the discount.

Care, Cleaning and Safety: A simple back and forth sawing motion with just a bit of downward pressure allows you to cut the softest bread and the ripest tomatoes without crushing.

Knives are finished with food safe beeswax and natural oils to highlight the grain of the wood. Occasionally, you may wish to wipe the blade with a Scotchbrite® pad to keep the finish shiny. We recommend that you wipe the knife and blade with mineral oil regularly to retain the finish.

When used on breads, wipe the blade with a clean dry cloth. When used for fruits, vegetables or cheeses, rinse the blade briefly with clear water and dry immediately with a clean cloth. Do not place in a dishwasher. For safety and to protect the sharpness of the blade, always replace the blade cover from the back side (dull side) of the blade.

Blade Replacement Policy: Your knife blade is made of the highest quality steel and is designed to last through months and years of use. If for any reason you would like the blade replaced, mail your knife with $5.00 for shipping and handling and we would be happy to replace the blade.

Better Bread Knife Company
P.O. Box 2823 • Friday Harbor, WA 98250 • 360-370-5313