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Bread Knives, Serrated Knives and Slicing Knives

Better Bread Knives™ are made one at a time, by hand, in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Washington, U.S.A.

Our bread knives combine a hand-made wooden handle (buffed by hand for a smooth finish) with an extremely sharp blade.

This bread knife cuts fresh, hot bread without crushing or tearing! It also works wonders on crusty breads, soft breads, round artisan breads and bagels. You can also use your bread knife on vegetables, fruits and cheeses with ease.  No more butchering ripe tomatoes; this bread knife even cuts through ripe tomatoes thinly, quickly and cleanly.  

The bread knives are made of the finest domestic and imported hardwoods. Select a bread knife made of any of the following woods: classic red oak known for its visible grain and whorls, warm cherry known for its reddish hues and close grain, dark walnut also known for its close grain and African Padouk begins life a reddish-orange color and deepens to a rich mahogany over time and is prized for its pronounced grain. All of these woods are known for their strength and beauty. Bread knife photos click here

All of the wood types are available for right-handed bread knife users and for left-handed bread knife users. Small and large hands alike can use this knife comfortably.

Bread knives: it is all about the blade

bread The blade is made of the finest-quality, high-carbon steel with a flame-hardened edge. The flame-hardened edge and the double bevel are what keep this blade sharp year after year – making it not only a chef's best friend, but a great investment.

The cutting edge of the bread knife is scalloped with a double bevel to maximize the cutting surface and retain sharpness. Only the tips of the blades ever touch the cutting board. The remainder of the blade stays sharp for many loaves to come.

A knife that is a work of art

Better Bread Knives™ are a work of art. Because they are made by hand, the wood in each handle has it's own personality.  Bill, the owner and craftsman, is meticulous about selecting just the right piece of wood for his creations.  He inspects each piece closely before he pronounces it finished.

Not only will you enjoy using this knife, but you will be pleased and proud to own it.  A knife of this quality makes a great gift for the cook in your life. And the bonus . . . it is Made In America.

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